When is Encants Market open?

We open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from
9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Check for opening times on public holidays and special
opening times in the Calendar.

Where is it?

Encants Market is located in Plaça de les Glòries. Its main entrance is on Avinguda Meridiana on the corner of Carrer dels Encants Vells. The B:SM car park is on Carrer Castillejos, 158.

You can also get here on Bicing (Barcelona’s bicycle sharing system) and public transport:
Metro: Line 1 Glòries, Line 2 Monumental
Bus: H12, H14, V21, V23, V25, 7, 62, 192
Tram: T4, T5, T6 Glòries

Can I park at the Market?

There is parking for cars and motorbikes in the same building. Access is via Carrer Castillejos, 158 (you can consult rates at B:SM Encants Car Park, a company managed by Barcelona City Council).

Is the Market accessible for people with limited mobility?

The facilities meet the required accessibility conditions so that people with reduced mobility or functional diversity can move comfortably and independently through the Market. You will find access ramps, accessible washbasins and lifts on all floors and in the B:SM Encants Underground Car Park accessible via Carrer Castillejos, 158.

Can I bring my bike into the Market?

For the purposes of safety, the prevention of accidents and given the large number of people, wheeling a bike through the Market is not permitted. You can park your bike in the appropriate parking spaces located at the Market’s main points of entry.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, the Market is a pet friendly space and we would love you to visit us with your pet. Please ensure that your pet is on a lead and that you take responsibility for its behaviour out of respect for other visitors.

Is there a home delivery service?

Home delivery is a service that each business manages on an individual basis. Please consult the Encantists if you are interested.


Can I attend the auction as a spectator?

The auction is open to the public and is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:45 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. Check the calendar for public holidays.

Can I take part in the auction?

To take part in the auction at Encants Market, you have to register on an official list with the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute (IMMB), Barcelona City Council. You can request information on application and requirements from the Market Management via mercatencantsfirabellcaire@bcn.cat or by calling +34 934 132 328.

What is the source of the goods sold at auction?

The goods come from apartments or houses that have been cleared because of a move or bereavement. Other contributions come from businesses that close or have an excess of stock, or collectors who have sold their collections.

I need to clear an apartment due to a move or bereavement, or am closing down a business, and I want to sell stock. Who do I talk to?

You can consult the professionals’ directory dedicated to the sale of stock and items from evictions. Contact them to see who can offer you the best conditions.

I want to sell a vinyl collection, books, clothes, etc. How can I do this?

There are many shops in the Market that buy items from individuals to stock up on selected products. You can consult the establishments with the hashtag #WeBuy! in the Market traders’ directory to see if there is anyone interested in your product. We advise you to contact the seller to explain what you want to sell and, if necessary, send photos by e-mail or WhatsApp if they are interested in your product. You can also talk to the Encants traders in person at the Market.


Are the Encants traders the same as those who were at the Market’s previous location?

In 2013, all the Market’s businesses moved from the former location on the other side of the Plaça de les Glòries to the spectacular new building. Naturally, there are also new traders but if you walk through the Market you will no doubt see familiar faces.

How do I find a specific item?

You can check the business directory on this website and search for the type of article according to the different categories. It is always best to come to the Market in person because there are some stores that do not appear in the directory. Also, by walking through the Market, you may find what you are looking for by chance. We would encourage you to come and take a look as there are always new products, and to ask, because we can always help you find what you are looking for.

Want to set up a business at Encants Market?

The concessions to rent a stand or shop at Encants Market are managed by the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute (IMMB), which is part of Barcelona City Council. You can find out about the procedures and requirements by email mercatencantsfirabellcaire@bcn.cat or by calling +34 934 132 328.

Are the illegal traders nearby part of the Market?

99% of the time the Market activity takes place inside the building, although during specific events the surrounding street can also be occupied with recognizable stands. These two areas are the only ones in the Market. Something completely different are the illegal traders who are sometimes operating nearby. This type of unregulated activity is not part of the Market under any circumstances.

Having a closing-down sale or got excess stock? Do you need to clear out an apartment after a move or because of bereavement?

Do you want to sell books, vinyl, stamps, etc.? Contact the specialist shops or visit us!

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