Engraving and drawings: Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona

The origins of the Encants Market go back to around 1300, at the gates to Barcelona’s city wall, where used objects used to be sold on a regular basis.

The market’s activities have always taken place in open spaces and at first objects were placed directly on the ground to be sold. This was an essentially nomadic activity, often characterised by its informal and free nature.

The location of the Encants Market in Barcelona has changed on different occasions over time. It was initially located beyond the city wall, then in Plaça Nova, Drassanes, Rambla de les Flors, near the Sant Antoni market and, finally, in Plaça de les Glòries.

Encants Cathedral

In 2013, a new iconic building was unveiled by b720 architects. This is the current home to the market and is included in the Barcelona City Council Municipal Markets network.

The most characteristic feature of this new building is the 25-metre high golden mirrored roof. The building is open on all sides, allowing visitors to enjoy the fresh air.

The Encants Market is the largest of its kind, a market of renown combining tradition and modernity in an exceptional way.

Genuine treasures have been found at Encants Market that today belong to collectors, museums and lucky individuals. Let its magic seduce you.

The Market is a lively, diverse and unique place... Come and find out for yourself!

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