Padilla Perfumery and Fashion

Top brands at the best prices

No: 61 – 64

Location: Floor 0. Access 16 by Meridiana Avenue.

Personal hygiene products of recognized brands: deodorants, toothpaste, shampoos, moisturizers, body gel, eau de cologne… Wide range of Nurana and Instituto Español brands (founded in 1903): high-quality and untested products in animals.

Selection of women’s fashion, current second-hand garments. For all ages and sizes!

The only sole-pads stand of the market! Fabric, foam, wool, tergal, leather. Summer and winter (polar and sheep). Different models and sizes.

Sale of seals. Loose, in packages or volume.

Having a closing-down sale or got excess stock? Do you need to clear out an apartment after a move or because of bereavement?

Do you want to sell books, vinyl, stamps, etc.? Contact the specialist shops or visit us!

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