Want to be Encantist?

If you are interested in trading at Encants Market, there are different options available to you, depending on the space available.

The concessions for renting a stand or shop at Encants Market are managed by the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute (IMMB), which is part of Barcelona City Council. You can find out about the procedures and requirements by email mercatencantsfirabellcaire@bcn.cat or by calling +34 934 132 329.

Encants Market is a modern facility with many services and amenities such as lifts, toilets, a loading area, parking for traders, meeting spaces and an information point. There are also communication and promotion channels that you can use for your Marketing purposes such as the web, directories and communications within the Market. You can participate actively by creating activities or taking part in those we have planned. We are happy to hear what you want to do and to support you.


The stands start from 2 metres and are made of a metal cabinet with a retractable blind. Goods are set out front in front of the cabinet on tables or boards that must be removed and stored at the end of the day. Some of the stands have awnings.


The shop is a stable space that should not be assembled and disassembled: the blind just needs to be lowered like with any standard shop. There are 33 shops, each with a specific size and location.


The central part of the Market’s ground floor is dedicated to the auction. The square is divided into 39 spaces that are the property of the auctioneers who sell their lots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. The rest of the day, the buyer of the lot can sell the items at retail price until their withdrawal when the Market closes.

Having a closing-down sale or got excess stock? Do you need to clear out an apartment after a move or because of bereavement?

Do you want to sell books, vinyl, stamps, etc.? Contact the specialist shops or visit us!

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